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MMD The Update on the Commercial Rollout of CompuFlo Epidural System and CathCheck in the Third Quarter of 202

The Board of Directors of Milestone Medical Inc. (WAR: MMD, “the Company”, “the Issuer”) today provided an update on commercial rollout of CompuFlo® Epidural System and CathCheck™ in the third quarter ended September 30, 2020.
With a number of hospitals re-opening to outside vendors, the Company is advancing its sales efforts and exploring new collaboration opportunities around the CompuFlo® Epidural System and CathCheck™. Most recently, the Issuer was awarded a group purchasing agreement with Premier, a leading group purchasing organization, with approximately 4,100 U.S. hospitals and 200,000 other providers within their network. This agreement is further validation of the growing awareness and importance of its instruments in improving health outcomes and lowering costs for healthcare institutions. At the same time, the Company is expanding its trials in major hospitals and medical schools, as well as partnering with key opinion leaders to approach the purchasing departments of hospitals together. The Board of Directors of the Company looks forward to announcing additional agreements with several premier hospitals as soon as they are completed. The Board of Directors of the Company believes that the financing from its parent raised last quarter will support its ongoing activities, including accelerated marketing activities around its medical instruments.

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