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ESTAR: strona spółki
22.06.2021, 14:32

EST Announcement

ENEFI Asset Management Plc. (the “Company”) hereby informs its Honourable Investors
that on the basis of Paragraph (2), Article 57. of the Capital Market Act if false data is published about the issuer, then it shall be obliged to publish the real data. An article was published on Időkép portal on 16/06/2021 related to Síaréna Kft. an affiliate of the Company () titles “1,500-metre, giant slide may be built in Eplény this summer”. This development is actually among the plans of Síaréna Kft. however the project is in a very early, preparatory stage and its technical, financing and regulatory conditions are currently being set out and the decisions required to start the project have not been made. Considering the foregoing one cannot take the actual commencement of the implementation of the project into account as a fact so the construction of the slide this summer cannot be currently seen realistic. Details in the enclosure.


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