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SOPHARMA: strona spółki
30.12.2021, 13:45

SPH completing the subscription for the public offering of warrants

“Sopharma” AD (the Company) notifies that the subscription for the public offering of the warrants of the Company has been successfully completed.
The results of the public offering are as follows: • Closing date of the public offering – 23 December 2021. • Total number of issued rights – 134 797 899 /one hundred and thirty-four million seven hundred ninety-seven thousand eight hundred ninety-nine/. • Total number of warrants offered for subscription – BGN 44 932 633 /forty four million nine hundred and thirty two thousand six hundred and thirty three/. • Total number of warrants subscribed and paid – BGN 44 925 943 /forty four million nine hundred and twenty-five thousand nine hundred and forty-three/. • Amount received in the account opened at “Raiffeisenbank” (Bulgaria) EAD for the subscribed and paid warrants – BGN 12 579 264.04 /twelve million five hundred and seventy-nine thousand two hundred and sixty-four leva and four stotinki/. • Amount of all expenses for the public offering – BGN 50 825.45 /fifty thousand eight hundred and twenty five leva and 45 stotinki/. • During the subscription, the Company and the servicing intermediary did not have any difficulties, disputes and the like in the trading of the rights and the subscription of the warrants, excluding overpayed amounts of BGN 6 137.32 /six thousand one hundred and thirty-seven leva and thirty-two stotinki/ which are due to duplicated payments and will be refunded to the respective persons after the accumulation account has been unblocked.


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