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SPH The Board of Directors of “Sopharma” AD adopted a decision to issue a second warrants issue

“Sopharma” AD (the Company) notifies that in accordance with аrt. 25 of the Articles of incorporation of the Company, the Board of Directors adopted a decision for issuance, under the conditions of initial public offering, of warrants as follows:
Exercise price: BGN 6.10 Issuance price of one warrant: BGN 0.48 Number of warrants: 26 959 580 Minimum success threshold of the issue: 13 479 790 Term in which the right can be exercised: 5 years The remaining parameters of the issue will be described in a Prospectus for Public Offering of warrants, which should be adopted by the Board of Directors with a subsequent decision and should receive the relevant approval from the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission. The consultant and investment intermediary selected by the Board of Directors in connection with the issuance of the warrants are respectively: Main Capital AD, UIC 202402882, with registered office in Sofia, and management address Sofia 1404, Triaditsa District, zh.k. “Gotse Delchev”, bl. 22, entrance 2 and MK Brokers AD, UIC 175007052, with registered office in Sofia and management address, 8, “Tsar Osvoboditel” Blvd.


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