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SADOVAYA: strona spółki
24.09.2019, 12:06

SGR zmiana adresu siedziby Spółki

Sadovaya Group S.A., a joint stock company under Luxembourg law, with registered office at 10, Boulevard de la Foire, L-1528 Luxembourg, registered in the Luxembourg Register of Companies under No. B 153.489, (the “Company”), hereby informs the following:
The Board of Directors of Sadovaya Group S.A. (the "Company") took a decision to transfer the registered address of the Company from 10, Boulevard de la Foire, L-1528 Luxembourg to 13, rue Joseph Junck, L-1839, Luxembourg from July 18th, 2019 Legal grounds: Art.16(2) of the Luxembourg Law of 11 January 2008 relating to the transparency requirements in relation to information about issuers whose securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market, and Art. 56 of the Act of 29 July 2005 on the public offering, conditions governing the introduction of financial instruments to organised trading system and on public companies. Signatures of individual authorised to represent the Company: Liza Semeritskaya


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