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MMD The Update on Commercial Rollout of CompuFlo® Epidural System and CathCheck™ System

The Board of Directors of Milestone Medical Inc. (WAR: MMD, “the Company", “the Issuer") today provided the update on the commercial rollout of CompuFlo Epidural System and CathCheck™ System.
The Board of Directors of the Issuer is pleased to report that the Company has made significant progress over the past year advancing its commercial efforts around the CompuFlo® Epidural Instrument and CathCheck™ System. Specifically, the Company has added new distributors and begun to penetrate key hospitals with our CompuFlo® Epidural Instrument and the Issuer expects this trend to continue as we anticipate adding additional hospitals in 2021. A key element of the sales strategy focuses on the disposable components of its system, which the Board of Directors of the Issuer believes will contribute to high margins and recurring revenue. The Company is also expanding its medical sales force, and now that new protocols are in place at hospitals, the Issuer is better able to enter the hospitals and has commenced a number of new pilot programs. Overall, the response from both hospitals and physicians has been positive and the Company is in a number of trials across the country that have the potential to convert to additional commercial orders this year. Given a strong cash runway of its parent, The Board of Directors of the Issuer believes that the Company is well funded to accelerate the sales and marketing activities around the medical instruments. The Board of Directors of the Company believes that the strength of our balance sheet of its parent provides the substantial runway to advance the development and commercialization of other indications for our proprietary DPS Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology. The Board of Directors of the Company believes this technology platform is quite broad with multiple indications in large and underserved markets.

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