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11.01.2019, 18:03

AST Notification concerning changes in acquisition of shares in the Company

The Board of Directors of ASTARTA Holding N.V. (the "Company") informs that on January 10, 2019, the Company received from Kopernik Global Investors LLC ("Kopernik") with its office at Two Harbour Place, 302 Knights Run Ave Suite 1225, 33602, Florida, the Unites States, and registered in Delaware, the United States, the notification on the following matter.
In the notification made on January 2nd, 2019 Kopernik informed that Kopernik’s direct share in the share capital of the Company and in the total number of votes at the Company’s general meeting has increased and reached 5,00% in connection with the shares that are held by Kopernik clients’ which portfolios of securities are managed by Kopernik, including exercise voting rights on behalf of principals at the general meeting of the Company. Since the Notification date, Kopernik has been informed by one of the clients that Kopernik is not entitled to exercise the voting rights for the particular client account. Without those shares in question, Kopernik has not reached 5,00 threshold which was subject of the Notification. Therefore, the Notification was not required. Currently, Kopernik may exercise voting rights at the general meeting of the Company from 1,198,917 shares in the Company, representing 4,8% of the Company’s share capital and the total number of votes at the Company’s general meeting.

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