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MMD Receiving a Notice of Allowance for European Patent Related to Combination of Nerve Stimulation and DPS Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology® to Optimize Needle Tip Location in Ultrasound-Guided PNB Procedures

The Board of Directors of Milestone Medical Inc. (WAR: MMD, “the Company”, “the Issuer”), today announced that Milestone Scientific, Inc. (NYSE:MLSS), the licensor and the majority shareholder of the Issuer has received Notice of Allowance from the European Patent Office (EPO) combining minimum intensity of nerve stimulation (MIS) and real-time injection pressure (IP) monitoring utilizing Milestone’s CompuFlo® instrument and associated DPS Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology® to optimize needle tip location in ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve block (PNB) procedures.The technology was developed in conjunction with Dr. Olivier Choquet from the Lapeyronie University Hospital Montpellier France, a renowned expert in peripheral nerve block procedures, and Dr. Mark Hochman, D.D.S., Inventor and Clinical Director for Milestone Scientific.
The Board of Directors of the Company commented that this is an important event, as receiving this notice-of-allowance from the European Patent Office clears an important hurdle as the Company seeks to develop a device specifically for PNB procedures, which will incorporate the CompuFlo® with Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology® capabilities of precisely measuring, displaying, controlling, warning and recording needle tip pressure in real time. The optimization of a device specifically for procedures that also integrates this new technology, The Board of Directors of the Company believes will help reduce the risk of needle injury during PNB procedures. By combining CompuFlo with ultrasound guidance and MIS, The Board of Directors of the Company believes it will achieve unparalleled multimodal PNB monitoring, safety and greater accuracy to identify needle tip location during PNB procedures. The Board of Directors of the Company is grateful for the contributions of Dr. Choquet and his team who helped understand the value of this breakthrough technology. The Board of Directors of the Company views this as an attractive market for our technology as PNBs are increasingly utilized in the treatment of trauma and surgical procedures, including orthopedic surgeries as well as for postoperative and nonsurgical analgesia. In addition to Europe, the licensor has applied for similar patents in the United States and remains focused on building our IP portfolio across numerous indications and around the world.

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