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8.05.2021, 0:37

EST Extraordinary announcement

ENEFI Asset Management Plc. (the “Company”) informs its dear Investors that the Company
have signed a sale and purchase agreement for shares for 54 pieces of dematerialised ordinary shares issued by Random Capital Zrt constituting 9.46% of Random Capital Zrt. (The business share in question had been acquired by the Company in 2020 based on a transaction in 2019 for the purchase price of HUF 124,457,143.) The Company hereby calls attention to the fact that the transaction has not yet been performed and up to 9 months may be spent until the sale and purchase agreement is closed. The parties specified the basic purchase price of the shares at approx. HUF 198 million, providing that the basic purchase price would have to be adjusted on the basis of the financial data and performance of Random Capital Zrt. Considering the foregoing, the final purchase price may differ from the amount of the basic purchase price. According to the expectations of the Company, the expected sale price of the transaction shall be between HUF 198 million and HUF 274 million. The Company hereby particularly calls the attention of its reputable Investors to the fact that the closure of the transaction is subject to several factors and conditions precedent, which are partly independent from the Company and therefore the transaction may possibly fail. In case of closing the transaction, the business share of the Company shall be terminated in Random Capital Zrt.


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