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ESTAR: strona spółki
27.02.2024, 15:31

EST RB-W /2024: Raport bieżący z plikiem

ENEFI Asset Management Plc. (the “Company”) informs its dear Investors as below:
The Company decided to increase the share capital of Síaréna Kft. The Company contributed HUF 650.000.000,- from the outstanding member loan receivable from Síaréna Kft., of which HUF 5.000.000,- was transferred to share capital and HUF 645.000.000,- to capital reserve. As a result of the capital increase, the capital structure of Síaréna Kft. will be restored, while the member loan receivable will be significantly reduced. In connection with the above, the Board of Directors initiates the amendment of the articles of association of Síaréna Kft. and the initiation of the proceedings before the Commercial Court. The capital increase has not yet been completed as described above. Following the registration of the capital increase, the Company will initiate a reduction of the share capital of Síaréna Kft. in order to optimise the capital structure.


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